Poll: Savage or Sensible - Dating someone you work with, who dated another co-worker that's still working there

75% (6 votes)
25% (2 votes)
Total votes: 8
If you ever have a topic you want us to bring up for savage or sensible, you can reach out to us online @98PXYRochester! Here's a message we got recently... "HEY GUYS! I've got something for you to bring up on the savage scale. I caught up with one of my co-worker friends the other night and she...
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How to Manage Anxiety Over Returning to Work Amid COVID-19

As more and more businesses begin to reopen, many employees are having to deal with the anxiety of returning to the workforce while the pandemic continues to spread around the country. Experts weigh in with advice to manage fears.
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Poll: Savage or Sensible - Rolling out of bed 10 minutes before starting working remotely

92% (48 votes)
8% (4 votes)
Total votes: 52
In a recent survey 46% of people admitted to rolling out of bed 10 minutes before beginning to work remotely. Do you think that behavior is savage or sensible? Vote below!
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work flirt

#TEAMPXY ON-DEMAND: True Confessions - "The Work Husband"

Every Tuesday we give you the chance to reveal your true confessions...
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Woman Tries to Get Out of Work With Clearly Photoshopped Image of Nail in Tire

A woman in Oklahoma really did not want to go to work last week. The unknown woman contacted her boss saying she had a flat tire and couldn't come into work. She even sent her employer a picture of the supposed tire. Unfortunately, nobody believed it was real. And why would they? The image is...
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#TEAMPXY ON-DEMAND: True Confessions - "Help, I Don't Respect My Boss"

Today we talked to a woman who is struggling with the reality that she not only hates, but also doesn't respect her boss.
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#TEAMPXY ON-DEMAND: Dirty Work Wednesday - "The Swooping Co-Worker Suspicion"

Christine has a sneaking suspicion that one of her boyfriend's co-workers is trying to swoop in and steal him away. She reached out to us to try and get confirmation!
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Poll: Savage or Sensible - Closing the Door of a Loud Co-Worker

83% (29 votes)
17% (6 votes)
Total votes: 35
Whitney says it's perfectly sensible to close the door of a co-worker if they're being overly loud. Corey says that's completely savage and you need to ask first. What do you think? Vote below!
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"Burn Out" Is Now Officially Recognized as a Disease

The World Health Organization just officially classified work burn out as a new disease. That means that by 2022, doctors will be able to diagnose burn out and, in theory, they'll prescribe treatments that insurance companies should cover. So what is burn out? The official definition is, quote, "...
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Male Managers 12 Times Likelier to Avoid 1-on-1 Meetings With Female Staffers in Age of #MeToo

The #MeToo movement was designed to meant to eradicate sexual harassment from the workforce, but it seems it's also doing away with career mentorship for women. A new survey from finds that 60 percent of male managers report feeling uncomfortable about mentoring, working alone with, or...
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