The Weeknd

Inside Details on Selena Gomez & The Weeknd's Breakup

Selena Gomez and her boyfriend of 10 months, The Weeknd , have split, according to PEOPLE Magazine.
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Selena Gomez Opens Up About Her 90-Day Hiatus & Relationship with The Weeknd

Selena Gomez was scared to go to rehab to tackle mental health issues last year, but she says those 90 days were "the best thing" that she could have ever done.
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The Weeknd Got Caught Creepin' On Selena Gomez

Admit it: you've done it. You're creeping on someone's Instagram page, and suddenly you find yourself accidentally liking that picture from 2015. It's so easy to double click on that post, right? Now there's a <3 showing on that old photo, and you're like: "OH NO!" You're totally busted. Well,...
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Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd Drop 'Lust for Life' Video

Lana Del Rey has released a music video for her newest duet with The Weeknd , "Lust For Life." Throughout the video, the pair is dancing on top of the "Hollywood" sign in a very dreamlike setting as Rey climbs up through a television screen. We can expect Lana Del Rey's highly-anticipated fourth...
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LISTEN: Is Selena Gomez's New Song About The Weeknd?

Selena Gomez is BACK! She has teased that a new song was coming for a few weeks, and as promised, it was released today. The track, which is titled "Bad Liar," has quite a resemblance to the 1977 Talking Heads ' classic song, "Psycho Killer." In fact, the band's lead singer, David Byrne actually...
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The Nominees Are... Drake, The Chainsmokers, Adele, The Weeknd & More

The nominations for all of the 2017 Billboard Music Awards are out and, trust us, it's a who's who of music! Drake and The Chainsmokers are both vying for the top artist award, but fellow stars Adele, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Twenty One Pilots, and many more could all be taking home...
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