Twitter Will Start Letting Users Control Who Can Reply to Their Tweets

Twitter announced some big changes to its platform at Las Vegas' Consumer Electronics Showcase on Wednesday. According to a presentation from director of product management Suzanne Xie, users will soon be able to control who is allowed to reply to each of their tweets. The choices include: "Global...
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How to Revert Back to Twitter's Old Layout

For the multitudes of people who use and enjoy Twitter daily, finding that the layout had suddenly changed likely felt distressing. The social media service recently tweaked the appearance of their website to more closely align with the mobile application. Because many people dislike change, many...
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Court Rules Trump Can't Block His Critics on Twitter

President Donald Trump is violating the First Amendment by blocking critics on Twitter, a New York federal court of appeals ruled on Tuesday. According to The Washington Post , their decision upholds a previous ruling that also deemed it unconstitutional for the president to exclude people simply...
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O.J. Simpson Joins Twitter On 25th Anniversary of Wife's Murder

O.J. Simpson apparently joined Twitter on June 13, 2019, a date that just happens to mark 25 years since the death of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman. Using the handle @TheRealOJ32, a reference to his old football jersey number, Simpson pinned a video atop his profile and...
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Poll: Savage or Sensible - Commenting with "who cares?" on a Social Media Post

74% (20 votes)
26% (7 votes)
Total votes: 27
There's one thing out there that drives Corey crazier than anything else...and that's someone who comments with "who cares?" on a social media post. Are those people savage or sensible? Vote below!
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#FloridaMan Viral Challenge Takes Twitter by Storm

Everybody loves a good "Florida man" story--the crazier the better. Perhaps that's why the hashtag #FloridaMan has taken Twitter by storm over the last few days, thanks to a simple, hilarious trick that plays up the bizarre stories that come from the state. "Google 'florida man' followed by your...
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13 Ways to Tell if You're a Terrible Driver

How do you know if you're a bad driver. According to Twitter you're a bad driver if... text while driving. drive too fast for road conditions. cruise in the left lane when not passing anyone. tailgate the car in front of you. parking space isn't enough for you...
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Is Twitter Actually Removing the Like and Retweet Features? Developers Respond

After a viral Tweet said the social media platform was removing likes and retweets, the block option, the ability to go private, and forcing users to have direct messages open to everyone, the social media panic started up again.
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Bea Arthur

Why Is Bea Arthur Trending On Twitter?

An investigation into why the beloved 'Golden Girl' is back in the news
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This woman will tell you what your name tastes like

There's a woman who can taste words. She has what's called synesthesia . She's offering to tell people what their name tastes like (although it'll cost you - which makes me super skeptical. Honestly, what's to say that she's not just making it up. "Sure! Craig tastes like popcorn. Why not.")...
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