Extreme Unboxing

#TeamPXY ON-DEMAND: This Local Couple Is Being Featured on a New A&E Reality Show

Bobby and Salena, who own "Goods Galore" on Spencerport Road in Gates are being featured on A&E's upcoming reality show "Extreme Unboxing"!
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Jerry Stiller

"King of Queens" Stars Pay Tribute to Jerry Stiller

Two King of Queens stars paid tribute to their late co-star.
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Amy Poehler

"Parks & Recreation" Quarantine Special Warmed Hearts & Raised Money for Charity

This popular sitcom made a one-time return to raise money for charity.
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How Long it Takes to Binge-Watch These Popular TV Shows

Here's how much time it will take you to binge-watch these popular TV shows.
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Friends reunion

Courteney Cox Says Upcoming "Friends" Reunion Special Is Going to Be "Great"

This star is "so excited" about her highly anticipated reunion special.
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Netflix logo

Poll: Savage or Sensible - Skipping Ahead in a TV Series You're Watching with Your Significant Other Without Them

81% (30 votes)
19% (7 votes)
Total votes: 37
Breezy and her girlfriend Rachel are currently binge-watching the Netflix show "Love is Blind". Yesterday while they were watching it Rachel fell asleep. Instead of stopping so they could experience it together, she continued to watch three more episodes. Now her girlfriend is mad at her for "show...
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Netflix to Show Users Top 10 Lists of Most Popular Movies & Shows

If you can never figure out what to watch on this streaming platform, this new feature may help.
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"The Bachelor" Episode 7 Recap: And Then There Were 4

Find out what happened on Monday's The Bachelor.
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People Really Hate Peloton Christmas Ad About a Husband Who Gives Skinny Wife a Bike

Peloton is facing a mega-ton of backlash over its cringe-y holiday ad about a husband who surprises his skinny wife with one of their pricey exercise bikes on Christmas morning. In the 30-second spot--which premiered last month, but started going viral this week--the wife obsessively documents her...
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"Saved by the Bell" Reboot With Mario Lopez & Elizabeth Berkley Coming to NBC's Streaming Service

Saved by the Bell is coming back, and fans are probably all, "I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so...scared?!" According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has given the green light to a reboot of the iconic '90s kid-com for its upcoming streaming service, Peacock. Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley...
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