Theme Parks

Is Disneyland Resort about to open part of its theme parks to the public?

After closing its doors at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Disneyland Resort’s theme parks will partially reopen to the public later in November.
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This Theme Park Is Allowing Families to Rent It Out Entirely for Themselves

If the thought of battling crowds at a theme park amid the COVID is not your cup of tea, you now have another option. Beech Bend Amusement Park and Splash Lagoon in Bowling Green, Kentucky is allowing families to enjoy the space all to themselves.
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My summertime fear: Ferris Wheels

It's time to confess something...I am deathly afraid of Ferris Wheels. You can give me the scariest rollercoaster on the planet, give me a ride that goes 8,000 mph and spins you upside down, and I have no problem. But, when it comes to Ferris Wheels my heart rate sky rockets. Being a good cousin (#...
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