Apple to Pay $500 Million to Certain iPhone Users for Intentionally Slowing Down Older Models

The tech giant will have to fork over half-a-billion dollars for doing something really shady.
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4,000 Americans Are Injured Each Year While Using Cellphones

According to a new Rutgers study, up to 4,000 Americans are injured each year while using cellphones. "So many of these injuries happen because people are distracted," study co-author Boris Paskhover told UPI. "Maybe they were looking at their phones while they were driving or walking down the...
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Smart TV

Smart TVs Can Be Manipulated to Spy on You, FBI Warns

Shortly before the Thanksgiving shopping frenzy commenced, the FBI quietly issued a warning to consumers that smart TVs can be compromised by hackers to essentially spy on people. CNN reports that this is because these televisions contain technological features like microphone sensors, internet...
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Blue Light From Screens Could Speed Aging, Study Suggests

A new study suggests that too much exposure to blue light from computers and other devices could speed our aging process, UPI reports. Oregon State researchers found that blue light from LEDs may damage cells in the brain and retinas as well. The study found that fruit flies who were exposed to 12...
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Half of Kids Have Asked Their Parents to Put Down Their Phone

The majority of parents out there put limits on their kids' screen time, but it seems like now, kids also have to put limits on their parents' screen time too. According to a new survey of parents with kids between five and 18 years old, half of them say their kids have asked them to put down their...
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Are Google Docs the New Sexting?

The New York Post reports that Google Docs are fast replacing "sexts" as the medium of choice among lusty literary lovers. "Partners are using the internet giant’s cloud-based word-processing service to send flirtatious notes and suggestive images," the outlet says. "Lovers typically share a single...
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Apple Unveils Triple-Camera iPhone 11 & $5 Monthly Apple TV+ Streaming Service

Apple announced a new iPhone Tuesday, as well as a couple of aggressively priced new streaming services. Reuters reports that the new iPhone 11 Pro will feature three new cameras with wide angle, telephoto and ultra wide lenses, each of which can shoot video and will start at $999. The iPhone will...
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Poll: Savage or Sensible - Taking Someone's Phone off the Charger to Plug Yours In

80% (24 votes)
20% (6 votes)
Total votes: 30
Breezy admitted she regularly will pull someone else's phone off of a charger and replace it with hers without even asking. Savage or sensible? Vote below!
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Parents Are Hiring Coaches to Help Them Control Kids' Screen Time

More and more parents are reaching out for help with the amount of time their children spend in front of screens. According to The New York Times , "screen consultants" have become numerous. These consultants, or parenting coaches, are sought out by parents because they're alarmed about how much...
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You'll Spend Less on Groceries If You Put Your Phone Away

Here's a tip that could save you a lot of money. The next time you're shopping for groceries, leave your phone in your pocket or better yet, in your car. Researchers at Babson College and the University of Tennessee recently looked at how our phones can affect the way we shop and it turns out...
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