GRAPHIC PHOTO: Corey's Weenis Injury

It's been a point of pride in my 34 years of existence that I've never needed stitches before. This weekend, that streak should have come to a close had I not waited too long to go to urgent care. On Saturday night I was leaving my girlfriend's parents’ house with her 7 pound Pomeranian under my...
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Pick Megan Carter's Vacation Destination

Cape Cod
43% (29 votes)
Cedar Point
36% (24 votes)
15% (10 votes)
6% (4 votes)
Total votes: 67
After her plans to visit the West Coast fell through, Megan Carter is scrambling to come up with a vacation for the first week of July. She's looking for somewhere within driving distance that would cost $500 or less for a long weekend. #TeamPXY took it to the air and asked for your suggestions...
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Happy Earth Day from #TeamPXY!

If everyone did just ONE THING to help out the environment, imagine all the good we could do for our planet. That's the idea behind 98PXY's 1Thing initiative. What's your 1Thing? TeamPXY has some ideas to help you... just watch the video below! And CLICK HERE to learn more about the 1Thing...
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