Sweetener Tour

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Cries, Plays Mac Miller's Music, Saves Seat for Him at Show in His Pittsburgh Hometown

Ariana Grande paid props to Mac Miller on Wednesday night when her Sweetener tour stopped in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. "At the Ariana Grande concert...Mac’s album is playing throughout the stadium before the show," one attendee tweeted, while another revealed, “Ariana really had a...
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Is Ariana Grande Dropping New Music?

After teasing that she'd be dropping yet another new song on Thursday night, it appears as though Ariana Grande is pumping the brakes on that idea. The hit singer who has already put out what some are calling "an excessive amount of new music", took to Twitter on Thursday to let fans know they're...
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Ariana Grande Posts Cryptic Message About "Letting Someone Go"

It's been five months since Ariana Grande ended her engagement with ex-fiancé Pete Davidson, but it's possible the comedian is still on her mind given a recent social media post she made. Us Weekly reports that Grande shared a screenshot on Thursday of a poem titled, “Letting Someone Go,” by author...
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Ariana Grande Plays Mac Miller's Music Before Taking to the Stage at Tour Opener

Ariana Grande is paying props to Mac Miller on her newly debuted Sweetener tour. According to many Grande fans who attended the tour's first show in Albany, New York, on Monday night, the late Miller's music was playing inside the Times Union Center before Grande got onstage. "Ariana Grande is...
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