Social Distancing

Visually Impaired Say Please Be Patient: Guide Dogs Don’t Know How to Social-Distance

Guide dogs help their owners get around and navigate daily life. They perform extraordinary tasks every day. But one thing guide dogs can’t do: judge 6 feet between other humans.
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Man Self-Isolates in Train Station While Operating the Locomotives Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

A man is self isolating in a train station while getting to drive them during the coronavirus pandemic. The United Kingdom resident described his experience.
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Poll: Savage or Sensible - Calling the cops on your neighbors for having more than 10 people over

74% (104 votes)
26% (37 votes)
Total votes: 141
Have a suggestion for Savage or Sensible? Reach out to us on social media like this listener did! "Hey guys. I've got a savage or sensible for you. Over the weekend our neighbors had some people over for a cookout. I didn't think it was that big of a deal, but they definitely had more than 10...
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Photos Show Packed Memorial Day Gatherings at Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks

Missouri is one of the states that gradually continues to reopen, but this Memorial Day Weekend was alarming as the state saw many crowds. See the details.
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4 Tips for Turning Down Social Activities Now That Quarantines Are Lifting

If you already have people asking you to participate in social activities, here are tips for turning them down.
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Bar Unveils Tube Tables on Wheels to Help Customers Social Distance

A bar in Maryland came up with a creative solution to help customers remain socially distant when it reopens. The famous Ocean City bar revealed its new social distancing tubes for customers.
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This Restaurant Is Using Life-Size Mannequins to Enforce Social Distancing

Restaurants and businesses in some parts of the country are starting to reopen their facilities amid the coronavirus pandemic. A restaurant in Virginia is using mannequins to enforce social distancing when it reopens.
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Is It Safe to Hug a Relative You Haven't Been Quarantining With?

If you’re missing human touch during self-isolation, you’re not alone. Is it safe for a person to hug a relative you have not been quarantining with?
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What Will Shopping Malls Be Like When Coronavirus Restrictions Are Lifted?

Will you be heading back to the mall once it reopens? What will shopping malls be like when coronavirus restrictions are lifted? One mall company weighs in on their plans for reopening.
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CDC Extends Social Distancing Guidelines to Pets Amid Coronavirus

Do pets have to social distance during the coronavirus pandemic? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention extended social distancing guidelines to pets amid the coronavirus.
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