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Bagel Boss Pipsqueak Has Crazy YouTube Channel, Lies About Free Bagel, Says Women Are Now Hitting on Him

The five-foot-tall dude who went viral Wednesday for his unhinged rant about women not giving him the time of day due to his height (or lack thereof) at a Long Island Bagel Boss has been identified as a 45-year-old Bay Shore cleaning business owner named Chris Morgan. Turns out Morgan has a YouTube...
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Long Island Bagel Boss Patron Goes Viral Unleashing Bizarre Tirade on Dating Apps

A customer at a Long Island bagel shop has gone viral for going on a random and rage-fueled tirade about dating apps. As seen in footage shared by The New York Post, a man inside a local Bagel Boss shop flipped out at other patrons on Wednesday morning over women rejecting him because of his height...
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