NSFW: Will This Kill the #PumpkinButt Trend?

#PumpkinButt is taking America by storm. From sea to shining sea parents are painting pumpkins on the butt's of their babies and posting the photos on social media for the world to see. " #Pumpkinbutt Is The New Absurd Social Media Trend" https://t.co/32kbgzBkXy — CollegeTimes.com (@collegetimesct...
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LOOK: The Largest Pumpkin Ever Grown in the United States Was Just Crowned

It’s a new American record! A retired firefighter from Washington state broke the U.S. record for the plumpest pumpkin ever plucked here in the United States. Just how heavy did Joel Holland’s overgrown gourd weigh in at? Well, his fantastic fruit tipped the scales at a whopping 2,363 pounds on...
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