Poll Shows 80% of Americans Say Country Is ‘Out of Control’

A new poll conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal reports that a majority of Americans think that “things are out of control” in the United States.
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Poll: 5 Years Later, What Color Is 'The Dress'?

In 2015 a dress became an international talking point when people couldn’t agree on whether it was white and gold or blue and black. What color combination do you see? Take our poll and let us know your thoughts!
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Poll: Do You Prefer Twizzlers or Red Vines?

Lebron James was spotted eating Red Vines during the Los Angeles Lakers vs. New Orleans Pelicans game on Tuesday and sparked a major Internet debate: Red Vines or Twizzlers? Let us know in the poll.
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Shawn Mendes Follows Footsteps of Justin Bieber and Strips Down for Calvin Klein Ad

Shawn Mendes
76% (74 votes)
Justin Bieber
24% (23 votes)
Total votes: 97
Shawn Mendes is the latest pop star to strip down for Calvin Klein. The Canadian singer sent out this tweet on Saturday... . @CalvinKlein #MyCalvins pic.twitter.com/gVOrHxPhuf — Shawn Mendes (@ShawnMendes) February 16, 2019 Of course Mendes isn't the first Canadian hit maker to star in a Calvin...
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VOTE: Who Are You Rooting for in American Idol's Top 24?

American Idol announced their Top 24 contestants during last night's broadcast. So we were wondering: who are you rooting for? Sound off here!
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SOUND OFF: Did You Like the Premiere of 'Roseanne' Last Night?

After months of anticipation, it finally arrived! The Roseanne revival premiered on ABC last night (March 27). Based on what we saw on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, it felt like ALL of our friends were watching the show last night during its premiere. So: what did you think? Did you enjoy last...
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VOTE: Which Song Is Hotter: Demi Lovato's "Tell Me You Love Me" VS Pink's "Beautiful Trauma"

Demi Lovato's new single "Tell Me You Love Me" and the latest track from P!nk , which is titled "Beautiful Trauma," are rapidly rising up the music charts right now. It's safe to say that we LOVE both of these tracks. So we want to know: which song is hotter? Take our poll to let us know what YOU...
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POLL: Do You Like BTS' Song 'MIC Drop'?

BTS (The Bangtan Boys) have another hit on their hands with, “MIC Drop.” The song is a colllaboration with Steve Aoki and Desiigner . We've posted the music video below. So we’re wondering: do you like the track? Take our poll to let us know: Do You Like BTS' Song, "MIC Drop"? The group performed...
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POLL: Is 'Call It What You Want' Your Favorite 'Reputation' Song from Taylor Swift (So Far)?

This week we got to hear Taylor Swift's fourth track from her upcoming Reputation album, and "Call It What You Want" may be our favorite love song from the 27-year-old pop mega star to date. So we wanted to know: which Reputation single is your favorite (so far)? Vote in our poll below: Which Song...
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POLL: Which of Taylor Swift's "Reputation" Singles (So Far) Is Your Favorite?

We are about three weeks away from its release, but we already have heard three tracks from Taylor Swift 's upcoming Reputation album. So we wanted to know: which Reputation single is your favorite (so far)? Vote in our poll below: Which Song From "Reputation" Is Your Favorite (So Far)? The pop...
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