A Woman Wearing a See-Through Shirt Was Kicked Off a Flight

There's a 31-year-old woman named Harriet Osborne from Suffolk, England and she was recently kicked off a flight home from Spain on the airline EasyJet because the flight attendants said her shirt was too revealing. Harriet was wearing a sheer black lace shirt and she says that even though she wasn...
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Woman Falls Asleep on Air Canada Flight, Wakes Up Alone in Pitch-Black Plane

Last week, Tiffani O'Brien fell asleep during a 90-minute Air Canada flight from Quebec City to Toronto. When she woke up, the entire plane was empty, freezing and pitch black. Indeed, the flight crew left her on the plane upon landing. Eventually, she managed to open the aircraft's front door and...
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Post Malone

Post Malone Has Landed

After blowing tires, the plane circled searching for a landing
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Silhouetted plane

Commercial Airplanes May Have a Very Different Look Soon

Airplanes of the future may be windowless.
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