Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd's New 'Wear a Mask' PSA Embraces His Inner-Millennial

Paul Rudd’s new COVID-19 mask PSA could make even a millennial cringe, but that’s exactly the point. The 51-year-old seemingly ageless “Ant-Man” star mimics the young while appealing to them at the same time.
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Paul Rudd Recalls Feeling 'Like a Prop' on 'Friends'

While many fans still recall Paul Rudd as Mike Hannigan on the hit ‘90s sitcom, “Friends,” the actor doesn’t think he played a huge part in the show’s success. Find out why he felt like a prop now.
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Paul Rudd's Birthday Was Yesterday and You Won't Believe How Old He Is

It's time to start considering the thought that actor Paul Rudd is not a mortal man. Yesterday was Rudd's 50th birthday, yet on the outside he still appears to be in his 30's. What's his secret? A regimented mosturizing and skin care routine, the best botox doctor on the planet, or perhaps he's...
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