College Student With Coronavirus Throws 20-Person Party a Week After Diagnosis

As states attempt to keep COVID-19 cases down, police were called to the scene of a house party involving 20 Miami University of Ohio students over Labor Day weekend. A few of them tested positive for COVID a week before. Read more now.
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Cuba Gooding Jr. Extinguishes Guest Who Caught Fire at Party

Cuba Gooding Jr. saved the day when he extinguished a guest who caught on fire at a party over Labor Day weekend. Gooding’s representative confirmed the incident.
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Lake of the Ozarks Mayor Defends Viral Videos of Crowded Parties

Lake of the Ozarks mayor defends viral videos of huge crowds… He says his town has had 9.1 million – which is more than the previous two years combined.
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Police Shut Down 'Out of Control' Mansion Pool Party

Officials are investigating a large pool party at a New Jersey mansion that was shut down over social distancing violations over the weekend.
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University of Texas Austin Prohibiting Students From Having Parties, On or Off Campus

The University of Texas is prohibiting students from having parties this fall, on or off campus, in an effort to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.
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Doctor Says 30-Year-Old Coronavirus Patient Died After Attending ‘COVID Party’

A doctor from Texas shared the story of a 30-year-old patient who died after allegedly attending a “COVID party.” The incident happened in the city of San Antonio.
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7 Easy, Last-Minute Finger Foods for Your New Year’s Party

It’s not hard to see New Year’s coming from a long way off; it’s pretty clear on the calendar. But if you’ve been buried in holiday craziness and haven’t had a chance to organize snacks for your New Year’s party, now’s the time to get organized. Luckily, most people at New Year’s parties expect...
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5 Essential Cocktails For Your New Year’s Party

What’s a New Year’s party without drinks? The night is the absolute best excuse of the entire year to indulge in another glass and worry about your problems in 2020. Whether you’re hosting a huge soiree or just entertaining a few good friends, you’ll need some quality libations to entertain...
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SAVAGE or SENSIBLE: Bringing Your Leftover Beer Home with You From a Super Bowl Party

56% (10 votes)
44% (8 votes)
Total votes: 18
Is it SAVAGE or SENSIBLE to take home the leftover beer you brought to a party? You probably will see someone do this if you're going to a Super Bowl party tonight. Is it a horrible party faux pas and totally savage or completely sensible? There's people out there who believe that you bought the...
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