Snow Sculpture Made to Look Like Ford Mustang Gets Parking Ticket in Nebraska

On Sunday, Nebraska State Trooper Mick Downing pulled up behind what he thought was a snow-covered Ford Mustang. Nope: It turned out to be an elaborate snow sculpture in the shape of a full-sized 'Stang. "Some people make snowmen," Downing said in a video of his discovery. "Not the people in the...
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SAVAGE or SENSIBLE: Parking Space Campers

56% (10 votes)
44% (8 votes)
Total votes: 18
We've all been there before, circling a busy parking lot trying to find a space. Maybe you're lucky enough to stumble upon someone about to leave their spot or maybe you've been stalking them from the moment you saw them headed to their car. And then it happens. Nothing. They just sit there. Your...
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