The New Trend Is Randomly Texting the Person Whose Phone Number Is One Digit from Yours

Here's a way to make a new friend or, at least, have a stranger tell you to leave them the hell alone. There's a new trend online where people are texting their "number neighbor" that is, the person whose phone number is one digit different than yours. Like if your number is 867-5308, you'd text...
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Use This Simple Trick to Compare Products on Google

Forget about scouring blogs and Amazon reviews to find the best products. From now on, the next time you want to comparison-shop, simply type the name of the item into Google and then add "vs." This trick, revealed by Lifehacker on Wednesday, will reveal other popular and similar products--as well...
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The Internet Is Obsessed With Pineapple-Pulling

Late last week, Dennis Nagizadeh tweeted out a video of a person "plucking perfect little nuggets of fruit straight from a whole pineapple," as Eater puts it. As of Tuesday morning, the video had been viewed some 19 million times as pineapple enthusiasts were stupefied by how easily they could have...
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