Nutella Wants to Send One Lucky Chocolate Lover to Italy

Nutella is spreading the love on World Nutella Day. The company is giving away a trip for two to Milan, Italy and up to 20,000 coupons for a free 13 oz. jar of the chocolate hazelnut spread.
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Ultimate Spread: Nutella-Themed Hotel Opening Next Year

A new hotel is opening that has the ultimate spread … literally. Taking a page from the Taco Bell handbook , Nutella is opening a hotel where diehard fans of the hazelnut treat can indulge in all it’s creamy deliciousness for the weekend, reported “Good Morning America.” #HotellaNutella is what...
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Nutella Riots Break Out in France

Nutella decided to cut their prices by about 70% in France recently...and well, this caused people to start buying Nutella like crazy! It actually got violent. Someone even got a black eye! You don't mess with people and their Nutella. It's really more of an addiction than a sandwich spread. Read...
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