New York State


NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Says No Beach Swimming or Beach Barbecues on Memorial Day

The mayor of the biggest city in the country says people shouldn't go to the beaches or hold barbecues on Memorial Day weekend.
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New License Plate Designs Up for Voting in New York

Starting in April of 2020 the current New York license plate designs will be phased out. But what they'll be replaced with is still up for debate. The state is offering up five different options and letting the public vote on their favorite. Voting is open through Sept. 2. Which design do you like...
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New York State Passes Bill Outlawing Cat Declawing

On Tuesday, New York state legislators passed a bill outlawing cat declawing. UPI reports that a signature from governor Andrew Cuomo is all that stands in the way of New York becoming the first state to ban the practice outright. "Declaw leads to a lifetime of pain and discomfort for a cat, all in...
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Local Authorities Speak Out Against Marijuana Legalization

Local law enforcement officials from across our area gathered in Livingston County Thursday to voice their opposition to the legalization of marijuana in New York State. Their main message was simple. They said it's all about safety. Like many opponents to legalization, they claim crime and highway...
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