Nev Schulman

'Catfish' Star Nev Schulman Tips Waitress $926 for the Most Amazing Reason

A chance celebrity encounter left a pregnant waitress at Denver International Airport in tears when she was tipped $926 by ‘Catfish’ host Nev Schulman.
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Ariana Grande, 2018 VMAs

Nev Schulman Claims Ariana Grande Wants to Guest-Host "Catfish"

Catfish creator Nev Schulman claims superfan Ariana Grande is interested in guest-hosting his MTV reality series. "A couple weeks ago, I started getting a lot of mentions on Instagram. People were saying, 'Oh my god, oh my god, Ariana Grande is watching Catfish,'" Schulman told a TMZ videographer...
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Cardi B has confirmed she is expecting a baby girl. / TV personality Nev Schulman attends the 'Nerve' New York Premiere at the SVA Theater in New York, NY, on July 12, 2016.

Could The Next 'Catfish' Co-Host Be Cardi B?

MTV's hit TV show Catfish, hosted by Nev Schulman and formerly Max Joseph, now has an opening for a new co-host. So, why not Cardi B?
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