Could More Episodes of the Gilmore Girls Be Coming to Netflix? Maybe!

The moment you finished binge watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life this past November you were probably hoping for more episodes of the popular show (especially after that cliffhanger finale), right? We had not heard any news about more episodes, however, since the show's November release...
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Lauren Graham Is Returning to TV... In Two Sitcoms

Lauren Graham is expected to make her return to television in two sitcoms this year, but neither of those roles will take Graham back to Stars Hallow (just yet).Graham is said to have a starring role on a new family sitcom, Linda From HR. Graham will play the lead character, Linda Plugh. The...
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Netflix is hiring for someone to watch Kids Shows all day

Remember how much you used to love Saturday morning cartoons? Getting up in the morning and watching TV in your PJ's all weekend was the besssssttttt. Well now you can do that, AND GET PAID. (No, this is not a drill). Netflix is hiring for a "Kids Content Tagger" - essentially, this is someone who...
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