Monsta X

Wonho shows love to BTS and reveals which of their songs is still on his playlist

Wonho took a few moments away from his busy K-Pop lifestyle and lent an ear to some 8-bit hits. It was all part of Seventeen magazine’s 8-bit lyric challenge.
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Former Monsta X Star Wonho Announces His Return With Song and Video Arriving This Week

Ex Monsta X memeber Wonho announces his return with his debut solo mini album, ‘Love Synonym #1: Right for Me.’ With having waited 3 months to offer up any new music, he shared the news to his almost 417,000 followers on Twitter.
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FANDEMIC: MONSTA X Are Set For Their First Online Concert, and They’re Ready For a VMA, Too

MONSTA X joined us to update us on how they’re spending their days under quarantine, and when we can expect some new music in the near future.
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Monsta X Launches 'Live From Seoul With Love,' the Most Comprehensive Live Stream Yet

Monday the boy band announced that they will be offering an immersive new way to stream their new “global concert,” on a pay-per-view basis. Monsta X will not only offer a unique performance but will also a behind-the-scenes docu-series.
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EXCLUSIVE: Monsta X Gives Us the Scoop on Their Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

How well do you know the members of Monsta X? We’ve been digging deep on everything they “LUV” to find out what their favorite ice cream flavors are.
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EXCLUSIVE: Monsta X on Looking for LUV and Lizzo

Monsta X celebrated the release of their new album, ‘ALL ABOUT LUV,’ with RADIO.COM by playing a special RADIO.COM LIVE event and sharing details about their own LUV and dream collaborations.
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EXCLUSIVE: Monsta X on Collaborating With Pitbull and French Montana

Monsta X became the first K-pop group ever to release an all English-language album. And since they were going big, they decided to go bigger by working with French Montana and Pitbull.
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Watch RADIO.COM LIVE With Monsta X

Join us for a special live interview and performance from Monsta X, just hours before the release of the group’s English language debut ‘ALL ABOUT LUV.’ It’s RADIO.COM LIVE with Monsta X, now streaming here and on the RADIO.COM app.
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Voice Your Choice: Harry Styles “Adore You” Vs. Monsta X "Middle Of The Night"

Monsta X “Middle Of The Night”
100% (1 vote)
Harry Styles “Adore You”
Total votes: 1
We want you to Voice Your Choice. Which song is hotter: Harry Styles “Adore You” OR Monsta X “Middle Of The Night”? Video of Harry Styles - Adore You (Official Video) Video of Monsta X - MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT (Official Music Video) Tell us which song is better by voting below and we'll be watching...
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Boom, Roasted: Lizzo, Green Day, Luke Combs, Alice Cooper Read Mean Tweets on 'Kimmel'

Twitter is not a safe place to be. The trolls will find you, especially if you’re a celebrity. But sometimes they get a chance to fight back, or just kill them with kindness, in the always fun “Mean Tweets” segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Billie Eilish kicked things off with a comment about her...
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