Corey James from #TeamPXY Is Now a Meme

Last week during the Polar Vortex, Corey James from #TeamPXY wanted to capture the exact moment that he felt the -20 degree windchill. He was successful, but now the picture he took is being used as inspiration for a number of memes. Enjoy!
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We Made a Meme with PRETTYMUCH to Show Our Excitement When We Heard New Music is Coming VERY Soon!

Watch PRETTYMUCH Make the Dankest Meme for Their New Music

Alright BEANZ, we all know PRETTYMUCH are big fans of the...
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WATCH: Katy Perry Releases "Swish Swish" Video Featuring '80's Star

Katy Perry just shared a new lyric video for "Swish Swish," and it features Brazillian singer Gretchen. The video, of course, is incredibly "gif-tastic." Gretchen is best known as an 80's/90's singer with several hit songs like "Conga Conga Conga." Gretchen has become famous again in the internet...
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