3 Tips for Hiring a Virtual Babysitter

If you need to get things done while the kids are home, use these tips to get some virtual help.
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What You Need to Know About Hand Sanitizer During the Pandemic

What you need to know about hand sanitizer during the coronavirus outbreak.
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Quarantine Doesn't Mean You Should Reach Out to Your Exes

Heres why you shouldn't use quarantine to reach out to your exes.
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How to Look Better in Your Next Zoom Meeting

Two easy steps to looking better at your next Zoom meeting.
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Would You Do this to Your Instagram to Get Free Flights for a Year?

Want to fly free on JetBlue for a whole year? All you have to do is go on a digital detox. Lifehacker reports that the airline is giving three lucky people a chance at free flights if they wipe their Instagram accounts of all photos before March 8. To enter the contest, you also have to upload one...
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Here's Why You Should Always Take a Copy of Your Restaurant Receipt

If you need one good reason why you should take a copy of your restaurant receipt, Lifehacker's got you covered . On reddit, the website excerpted an anecdote from a former restaurant worker who said his "dishonest friend" would "change every tip that wasn't 20 percent to at least that" and "never...
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