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How to Get a Refund on Non-Refundable Airline Tickets

If you buy a non-refundable airline ticket but miss your flight, you are out of luck. But Lifehacker says there are still ways you can get a refund. If your flight is canceled or the schedule is changed. A cancellation means you will be refunded, while a schedule change depends on the airlines...
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Life Hacks: How to Look More Awake

Just because you got a terrible night of sleep doesn't mean you want to broadcast it to the world. Here are seven simple ways to look and feel more awake as you navigate the world, courtesy of Life Hacker : Splash cold water on your face. Cold water can tighten your pores, make your skin look more...
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Here's Why You Should Always Take a Copy of Your Restaurant Receipt

If you need one good reason why you should take a copy of your restaurant receipt, Lifehacker's got you covered . On reddit, the website excerpted an anecdote from a former restaurant worker who said his "dishonest friend" would "change every tip that wasn't 20 percent to at least that" and "never...
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