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Michigan Sheriff

Michigan Sheriff Joins Protesters Marching Over George Floyd Death

This Michigan cop joined protestors marching over George Floyd's death.
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Starbucks Sorry for Kicking Cops Out of Store Because Customer Felt Unsafe

On the Fourth of July, six police officers walked into a Starbucks in Tempe, Arizona--and were promptly asked to leave because a customer complained that the cops made them feel unsafe. The incident prompted a swift backlash, with the hashtag #DumpStarbucks trending on Twitter. Starbucks swiftly...
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Federal Court Affirms People's Right to Flip Off Cops

Back in 2017, a Taylor, Michigan, police officer named Matthew Minard pulled over Debra Cruise-Gulyas and issued her a ticket for some sort of moving violation. Cruise-Gulyas responded by flipping off Minard, who pulled her over again and issue her a ticket for a more serious speeding infraction...
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