This 'Karen' Halloween Mask Will Give You the Scariest Costume of the Year

Halloween will be here before you know it, and if you haven’t picked out your costume yet, one option making the rounds may be the perfect 2020 choice for being equal parts topical and terrifying.
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Website Goes Viral for Job Posting Looking Only for Applicants Named Karen

DehumidifierCritic.com, a website that reviews humidifiers, is looking for people named Karen to write three honest reviews for their website a week, for $65 per hour.
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Costco ‘Karen’ Coughs on Man Who Called Out Her Boyfriend for Not Wearing a Mask

A woman intentionally coughed on a man after he criticized her boyfriend for not wearing a face mask inside a Costco store. After coughing, the woman said, “I’ve got COVID, and you’re going to get sick.”
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Restaurant Holding ‘Karen Day,’ Where Anyone Named Karen Gets A Free Meal

A restaurant in Houston wants the ‘Karens’ of the world to know they are appreciated. The business is holding ‘Karen Day,’ where anyone named Karen receives a free meal.
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"Trader Joe's Karen" Flips Out After Being Confronted for Not Wearing a Mask

This woman did not want to wear a mask while shopping at Trader Joe's.
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The Internet Is Attempting to Come Up With a Name for the Male Version of 'Karen'

The internet has done many great things over the years, but possibly one of its greatest accomplishments is the naming of all angry middle aged women; “Karen.” Now, people on social media are trying to come up with the male counterpart.
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