Americans Are Hunting More Amid Fears of a Coronavirus Meat Shortage

More Americans are hunting more during the coronavirus. People across the United States are nervous due to the coronavirus food shortages in the United States.
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Dick's Sporting Goods to Stop Selling Guns at 125 Stores

In the wake of the horrific 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Dick's Sporting Goods announced that it would no longer sell firearms to buyers under 21 and would remove all assault weapons from its shelves. It also stopped selling firearms altogether in 10 test stores, and on Tuesday...
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Millennials Continue to Kill Everything, Including Animals

You hear a lot about millennials killing off customs and product that have long been held dear by many an American. But as The New York Times reports , they're now reviving a national pastime by, well, killing animals. Rachel Owen, 29, and Wade Truong, 33, are "the new face of hunting," the...
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