Bolivian Orchestra Stranded in Haunted German Castle Surrounded by Wolves During Pandemic

The group has been staying safe at Rheinsberg Palace, which is apparently haunted by Frederick the Great, who called the palace home in the 1500s. The group has joked that the ghost follows them around and tries to make things go awry.
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Wild Raccoon Infiltrates Zoo Enclosure; Zookeepers Bound by Law to Keep It There

Las week in Germany, a wild raccoon infiltrated the Heidelberg Zoo and promptly began squatting in the raccoon enclosure. According to German law, the zookeepers are not allowed to evict the wild raccoon, whom they've dubbed Fred. Thankfully, the AP reports that Fred is unlikely to produce...
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German Man Whacks Smoker in Face With Wooden Board for Lighting Up in Restricted Area

On Monday, a 61-year-old man was smoking a cigarette in a a German train station when another man informed him that the wasn't allowed to light up in that area. The AP reports that the anti-smoking crusader proceeded to whack the smoker in the face with a wooden fence picket, injuring his upper lip...
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WROCLAW, POLAND - APRIL 03rd, 2018: Netflix is an american entertainment company specialized in streaming media.

Netflix Goes All-In With 5 New German Series

Netflix has ordered 5 new German-language shows for its global streaming service. Get all the details on the can't-miss shows you'll want to stream soon.
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