Pink pineapples are now a thing and you can eat them

Back in the day, we used to buy food because we were hungry and it provided nourishment. Now, some of us buy food based on how Instagrammable it is. Introducing the PINK PINEAPPLE. No, you're not having an acid flashback. It IS actually pink. And apparently, it's safe to eat. The FDA approved it...
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63% of people do this in their car every day

Did you eat in your car today? If you did, you are definitely not alone! Turns out that 63% of people eat in their car every single day! The most common meal was breakfast on the way to work. If you're like me, then you can get pretty disgusting when you eat (bibs are not JUST for babies). So...
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Ben & Jerry's Just Announced They'll Be Combining Two of Your Favorite Things

America's love affair with breakfast has just been taken to the next level by our friends from Ben & Jerry's. In a nostalgic stroke of brilliance the famous ice cream company has announced the release of three "Cereal Splashback" cereal flavored ice cream options: the Fruit Loops inspired "...
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