Is it safe to sit in the middle seat on an airplane?

After posting record losses, Southwest Airlines announced that it will no longer block the middle seat on flights starting Dec. 1. United and American Airlines have also announced they will resume selling the middle seat on flights.
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Poll: Savage or Sensible - Still going on a trip to an area of the country that is having massive spikes in COVID cases

78% (56 votes)
22% (16 votes)
Total votes: 72
Reach out to us with your savage or sensible topics on social @98PXYRochester! "Here's a savage or sensible for you. One of my close friends had booked a trip to Florida back in early May when things were looking pretty decent down there. Obviously now things have changed. But did they cancel their...
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Is It Safe to Fly Right Now?

Are you more likely to get coronavirus if you decide to fly right now?
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Poll: Savage or Sensible - Going on a trip without your significant other because they're too nervous to travel but you aren't

64% (25 votes)
36% (14 votes)
Total votes: 39
Here's a message we received on Facebook... "Hey guys. You can't believe how excited I was to hear that you were doing savage or sensible again, especially after the argument my girlfriend and I have been going back and forth about. Last week our group of friends decided that we were going to plan...
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Emotional support animal

Feds Propose New Rules To Ban Most Emotional Support Animals on Planes

The U.S. Department of Transportation proposed new rules that would narrow the types of animals that could be taken on planes as emotional support animals.
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How to Get a Refund on Non-Refundable Airline Tickets

If you buy a non-refundable airline ticket but miss your flight, you are out of luck. But Lifehacker says there are still ways you can get a refund. If your flight is canceled or the schedule is changed. A cancellation means you will be refunded, while a schedule change depends on the airlines...
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A Woman Wearing a See-Through Shirt Was Kicked Off a Flight

There's a 31-year-old woman named Harriet Osborne from Suffolk, England and she was recently kicked off a flight home from Spain on the airline EasyJet because the flight attendants said her shirt was too revealing. Harriet was wearing a sheer black lace shirt and she says that even though she wasn...
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Iceland's Wow Air Unexpectedly Shutters, Stranding Thousands of Passengers

Wow, indeed! Iceland's Wow Airlines unexpectedly ceased operations on Thursday, stranding thousands of passengers worldwide. CNN reports that the budget airline announced its closure in a statement on its website, advising passengers to book new flights on other airlines in order to reach their...
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Should You Board a Plane First or Last When Flying With Little Kids?

Isn't it awesome for parents with small children to be able to board an airplane before anyone else? No, it's not, says Lifehacker scribe Michelle Woo . After 40 minutes of waiting for everyone else to board, impatient tykes liable to whine about how much longer it will be before the plane takes...
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Coca-Cola & Delta Airlines Apologize for "Creepy AF" In-Flight Napkins

Earlier this year, whenever passengers ordered a beverage from a Delta flight attendant, they received a napkin advertising Diet Coke which read, "Because you're on a plane full of interesting people and never know." The napkin also included blank lines for a person's name and phone...
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