Ohio Bar Creates Menstrual-Themed Cocktail as Women's Shelter Fundraiser

This cocktail is disgusting--period. That's what some bar patrons in Lakewood, Ohio, are saying about a new, menstrual-themed drink being served at the craft-cocktail spot Yuzu. The "Even Can't Literally" cocktail is described as a berry margarita with an actual tampon applicator stuck in the top...
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No One is Going to Want To Eat this New "Super Food"

A lot of people think kale is gross, but that's got nothing on what many scientists are calling the next "super food"...cockroach milk. According to the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India, the pacific beetle roach produces "milk" made up of protein-infused crystals...
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Apple cider. Orange, christmas.

Get a Taste of Our Favorite Fall Drinks & Cocktails

Everyone wants to try a Mama Say, Mama Sa, Mi-Mamosa!
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