'Haunting' is the new 'Ghosting' when dating

At this point, most of us have heard the term 'Ghosting' when it comes to dating. That's where you're talking with someone and all of a sudden they just stop communicating with you. GONE. JUST GONE! #traumatic But there's now a new dating term that actually sounds quite terrifying, and is kind of...
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These emojis are the biggest turn ons and turn offs

In this day and age, dating involves having good texting game. And with that, you've gotta pick the right emojis. But which ones are better or worse when it comes to finding a potential partner? The dating app Clover looked at their data from users and here's what they found in a nutshell... Women...
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Man texts number on bathroom stall and now they're in love

This must be the craziest "how we met" story. Like seriously, you think it's awkward telling someone you met your significant other online? That doesn't even come close. Mark Ellis, a trucker in England, was in a public restroom when he came across a phone number written on the stall that basically...
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