dad joke-off

VIDEO: Watch the #TeamPXY Dad Joke-off from Thursday Morning

Did you miss the #TeamPXY dad joke-off on the show yesterday? Corey is leading Whitney 6-4. Watch the Facebook live video and find out if he extended his lead or if Whtiney was able to cut into the lead! *Cue to 1:40 for audio*
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WATCH: The #TeamPXY Dad Joke-Off

It's been a tight contest so far through 2019. Corey James is only leading Whitney Young by a score of 5-4! Did Corey extend his lead or did Whitney fall a little further behind? Watch the video to find out! *Start the video around the 1:40 mark*
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VIDEO: Watch the #TeamPXY Dad Joke-off

It was a special Friday edition of the #TeamPXY Dad Joke-off between Whitney Young and Corey James! Who broke the 4-4 tie for 2019? Watch the video to find out! *Skip to 1:30 into the video for sound*
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