dad bod

The Twitterverse Has A Lot to Say About Nick Jonas’ “Dad Bod”

Fans of Nick Jonas have been losing their cool on Twitter after a photo of the singer rocking a thicker bod hit the interwebs this week. The photo in question shows a bulked-up Jonas standing shirtless in a pair of white swim trunks on a yacht in Miami over the weekend. Here are some of the...
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Minor-League Baseball Team Rocks Hairy "Dad Bod" Jerseys on Father's Day

On Father's Day in northern Kentucky, minor-league baseball's Florence Freedom paid homage to the patriarchs in attendance by wearing "dad bod" jerseys for their game against the Lake Erie Crushers. The uniform tops were designed to look like a topless, dad, with nipples on the front and back hair...
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Women find dad bods sexier than muscles

Apparently, guys should just stop trying as hard. According to a survey, 69% of women found guys with dad-bods sexy. And a whopping 63% of women prefer guys with dad-bod over guys with insane muscles and a sculpted physique. So if you're a guy, the next time you're considering skipping the gym - it...
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