Woman Raped By Brock Turner Is Writing a Memoir

The woman who was raped by former Stanford student Brock Turner in 2016 is writing a memoir about her experience. The AP reports that Emily Doe, as she is publicly known, partnered with Viking Books to release the currently untitled book on September 17. Despite reading a 7,000 word impact...
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Alabama Passes Bill Ordering Chemical Castration for Child Sex Offenders

On Tuesday, Alabama state legislators passed a bill requiring people convicted of child sex crimes to undergo chemical castration--and pay for it themselves. According to UPI , any person over the age of 21 convicted of a sex crime against a child younger than 13 would have to undergo go...
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Concept image of credit card fraud scam

Artist Who Raps About Credit Card Fraud Charged With Credit Card Fraud

Detroit rapper Selfmade Kash is living a total lie and we’re shocked to find out that – get this: his cash likely isn’t self-made at all.
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