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Poll: Savage or Sensible - Accidentally replying all to the entire office and then following it up by replying all again to acknowledge it

56% (5 votes)
44% (4 votes)
Total votes: 9
Earlier this week one of our co-workers made the rookie mistake of accidentally replying all to an all office e-mail. Most of us have made this mistake at one point in our careers. Luckily for him it wasn't anything bad, however, he did REPLY ALL AGAIN immediately after to acknowledge the mistake...
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Office holiday party

#TEAMPXY ON-DEMAND: Dirty Work Wednesday - "The Office Holiday Party Prank"

Chelsea reached out to us for help because her boss has been a little insane planning for the office holiday party. Did she want us to help and make things better? Of course not. She wanted us to mess with her.
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#TEAMPXY ON-DEMAND: Dirty Work Wednesday - "The Swooping Co-Worker Suspicion"

Christine has a sneaking suspicion that one of her boyfriend's co-workers is trying to swoop in and steal him away. She reached out to us to try and get confirmation!
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#TEAMPXY ON-DEMAND: Dirty Work Wednesday - The Office Crush

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