Keller's Kats Rescue

"THIS WEEK WE'RE JOINED BY"...Keller's Kats Rescue

This week I got the chance to sit down with Karla Barkley and Cathy Lundgren from Keller's Kats Rescue!
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Taylor Swift Marvels at "Getting to Be a Cat for Work" in New "Cats" Teaser

If you thought getting to play a cat in Cats must be a dream come true for world-famous cat lover Taylor're right! In a new behind-the-scenes teaser for the movie that dropped Monday, Swift marvels, "If you told me I was gonna get to be a cat for work? What?!" The minute-long clip opens...
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A Study Finds There's No Evidence That People With Cats Are More Likely to Be Crazy

Good news: A study has proven there's no scientific evidence backing up the "crazy cat lady" stereotype. Bad news: I guess that means there's a different reason why you're crazy. Researchers at UCLA found that people who own cats, whether it's one cat or a whole bunch didn't have any higher rate of...
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Pennsylvania Cat Swims Regularly in Family Pool

Like a lot of cats in Pennsylvania, a Maine Coon named Tissy gets really hot in the sweltering summer weather. Unlike virtually every other cat on the planet, Tissy seeks relief in her owners' swimming pool, where she cools off weekly. “People say it’s crazy, but she’s just a laid-back cat that...
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 Ed Sheeran performs in concert on the opening night of his Australian tour at Optus Stadium on March 2, 2018

Ed Sheeran Mourns Death of His 1st Cat on Instagram

Singer Ed Sheeran revealed the death of his first cat Graham on Instagram Thursday by posting a sweet throwback photo of the kitten standing on one of his guitars, along with a broken heart emoji. Us Weekly reports that Graham was a rescue Sheeran had adopted a few years ago. The Grammy winner's...
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Rebel Wilson Loved Reaction to the Creepy "Cats" Trailer

Rebel Wilson says she's actually happy that the internet blew up over the trailer to her upcoming movie Cats. "I loved the reaction," Wilson tells Cosmopolitan, admitting, "I think it was a bit polarizing." The Aussie actress goes on to explain she was amused by the memes, comments and general...
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New York Becomes 1st U.S. State to Ban De-Clawing of Cats

New York became the first U.S. state to ban the declawing of cats this week, joining Canada and many European countries in outlawing the procedure that animal activists have labeled as cruel and unnecessary. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the ban Monday, and State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal said, "...
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New York State Passes Bill Outlawing Cat Declawing

On Tuesday, New York state legislators passed a bill outlawing cat declawing. UPI reports that a signature from governor Andrew Cuomo is all that stands in the way of New York becoming the first state to ban the practice outright. "Declaw leads to a lifetime of pain and discomfort for a cat, all in...
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Cat Saves Florida Couple from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Meet Bella, a cat who recently saved her family in Deltona, Florida, from carbon monoxide poisoning. Paul and Leona Jones tell WLKY that they were in such a hurry to get out of a rainstorm last week that they forgot to turn off their car after pulling into their garage. They had no idea that deadly...
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Urban Outfitters Is Selling Hats For Your Cat

You've heard of the Dr. Seuss classic "The Cat in the Hat", but what about actual cats in actual hats? Yes, for whatever reason the retailter Urban Outfitters is now selling an unexpectedly sizable cat cap collection. For the low price of around $8 you could buy your cat their very own hat. The...
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