First car

POLL: Is it a Bad Idea to Not Make Your Kid Pay for At Least Part of Their First Car?

Yes, make them pay
78% (43 votes)
No, they shouldn't have to pay
22% (12 votes)
Total votes: 55
A listener reached out to us who said she and her husband were planning on getting their soon to be 17 year-old daughter her first car. After talking with her friends she's second guessing if they should be picking up the entire bill. The point her friends made was that the daughter won't fully...
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Snow Sculpture Made to Look Like Ford Mustang Gets Parking Ticket in Nebraska

On Sunday, Nebraska State Trooper Mick Downing pulled up behind what he thought was a snow-covered Ford Mustang. Nope: It turned out to be an elaborate snow sculpture in the shape of a full-sized 'Stang. "Some people make snowmen," Downing said in a video of his discovery. "Not the people in the...
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