Caitlyn Jenner

MTV is bringing back 'Cribs' with a Jenner, a 'Glee' star, and more

Okay, we’re gonna keep it one hundred, we’re not always down for a reboot. Some things should just be left alone, but when we heard MTV International was planning to bring back the iconic MTV Cribs, we were like, yes please!
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Could Caitlyn Jenner Be on the Ballot With Kanye West in November?

Caityln Jenner said she texted Kanye and offered to be his Vice President. Jenner was asked if she was planning on voting for Kanye now that he’s running for president and replied, “oh I texted him and said ‘can I be your VP?’ What a combination!”
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Brody Jenner Roasted for Calling His Dad, Who's Now a Woman, "He"

On Monday night's premiere of The Hills: New Beginnings on MTV, Brody Jenner twice referred to his dad, who's now a woman named Caitlyn (nee Bruce), as "he" instead of her preferred "she." While Cosmopolitan points out that Jenner may have been referring to Caitlyn pre-transition, Twitter users...
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