Flawed Stimulus Check Guidelines Leave Smaller Airports With Massive Benefits

Legislation written by Congress and the Federal Aviation Administration in regards to stimulus packages are leaving tinier airports at the forefront of the benefits. See the details.
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Airports Exploring Ways to Get Passengers Exercising During Waits & Layovers

Airports are installing mile markers and opening gyms and yoga rooms to provide exercise amenities for travelers, according to The Wall Street Journal . Some passengers enjoy the idea of having the chance to move and stretch before sitting in a small space for hours. "I'm frequently traveling and...
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Should You Board a Plane First or Last When Flying With Little Kids?

Isn't it awesome for parents with small children to be able to board an airplane before anyone else? No, it's not, says Lifehacker scribe Michelle Woo . After 40 minutes of waiting for everyone else to board, impatient tykes liable to whine about how much longer it will be before the plane takes...
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