airplane food

People Missing Airplane Food Are Ordering It for Their Homes

You won't believe what some people miss most about traveling--and what they're doing to get a taste of it.
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Florida Woman Sues Airline, Says They Mistreated Her Emotional Support Dog

Pregnant Florida resident Avigail Diveroli is suing American Airlines for $75,000, claiming a flight attendant on an April flight mistreated her and her emotional support dog. In legal documents reviewed by the AP, Diveroli claims the attendant screamed at her saying the dog could not be in the...
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Should You Board a Plane First or Last When Flying With Little Kids?

Isn't it awesome for parents with small children to be able to board an airplane before anyone else? No, it's not, says Lifehacker scribe Michelle Woo . After 40 minutes of waiting for everyone else to board, impatient tykes liable to whine about how much longer it will be before the plane takes...
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Coca-Cola & Delta Airlines Apologize for "Creepy AF" In-Flight Napkins

Earlier this year, whenever passengers ordered a beverage from a Delta flight attendant, they received a napkin advertising Diet Coke which read, "Because you're on a plane full of interesting people and never know." The napkin also included blank lines for a person's name and phone...
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Silhouetted plane

Commercial Airplanes May Have a Very Different Look Soon

Airplanes of the future may be windowless.
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