The Center for Youth Spring Gala

The Center for Youth Spring Gala - Save the Date! More information coming soon.
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Out Aliance

The Out Alliance

The Out Alliance is the hub of Rochester, NY LGBTQ+ life and culture. Our work centers around educating the community and organizations around respectful language and LGBTQ+ issues, celebrating culture through our monthly events as well as the ROC Pride Parade and Festival in July and advocating...
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Caleb Freitas

Caleb Freitas 98PXYP Interview
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Melissa Griffo

Melissa Griffo 98PXYP Interview
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Arien Rozelle

Arien Rozelle 98PXYP Interview
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Breann Morris

Breann Morris 98PXYP Interview
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Danielle Guillemette

Name: Danielle Guillemette Business Name: St. John's Home Title: Social Work Clinical Coordinator Primary Responsibility: Responsible for the well being of 36 long term care nursing home residents with varying degrees of dementia Graduated From: Roberts Wesleyan How may someone connect with you...
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Christina Lacagnina

Name: Christina Lacagnina Business Name: Allendale Columbia School Title: CFO Primary Responsibility: Ensure the financial stability of the school Graduated From: St. John Fisher How may someone connect with you professionally? Email
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John Klein

Name: John Klein Business Name: SisuEats Title: Owner & CEO Primary Responsibility: Too many responsibilities to count, keep business alive & growing Graduated From: Syracuse University How may someone connect with you professionally? LinkedIn
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Lisa D'Angelo

Name: Lisa D'Angelo Business Name: The Friendly Home Title: Clinical Nutrition Manager Primary Responsibility: Oversee the nutrition department Graduated From: Penn State University & University of Medicine and Dentistry How may someone connect with you professionally? LinkedIn
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