Summer Jam Spotlight: Sabrina Carpenter

Singer, songwriter and actress Sabrina Carpenter unveiled her debut album, Eyes Wide Open, in April of 2015, before she had even turned 16. The album was fueld by her youthfulness with singles "Eyes Wide Open" and "We'll Be the Stars." It reflected Carpenter's life over the previous three years, during which she rose to fame playing rebellious Maya Hart on the Disney Channel hit series Girl Meets World.

Carpenter's sophomore album, EVOLution, is out Oct. 14 and showcases even more growth. "I'm living in an adult world," Carpenter, now 17, notes. “I’m very lucky to do what I love, but it does come along with roller coasters of emotion. Thank goodness that artists take inspiration from emotion, because it allowed me to put all feelings and all these stories into the songs I’ve made.”