Summer Jam Spotlight: Jon Bellion

While Summer Jam artist Jon Bellion was growing up on Long Island, his mom ruled the radio in the car. She had a taste for classic radio and young Jon started absorbing the sounds of Billy Joel, Elton John, Paul Simon and many more melody makers. Later on in high school, Bellion discovered his own cast of melody-minded singer-songwriters, as well as a love for hip-hop. When he was just 10, he began making beats and transferring them to cassettes that he sold to his classmates. 

Today, Bellion's first single, "All Time Low," topped the Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists chart, was named one of NPR's Top 100 songs of 2016 and jumped into the top 15 at Top 40 radio. Now certified Platinum, it has nearly 60 million streams on Spotify in the U.S., while the video boasts over 8 million views. And on June 15, you can hear him sing "All Time Low" and more at 98PXY Summer Jam!