Noelle Edwards

#PXYSJ Spotlight: Jeremy Zucker

Jeremy Zucker will be performing at 98PXY Summer Jam on June 7th at Frontier Field. Talking about his new single "comethru:" "'It’s a pretty happy sounding acoustic song, yet the lyrics are about driving myself crazy in my childhood home,' the now NYC resident adds. 'I needed company, basically.' The song appears on Zucker’s upcoming EP summer, a project that details his switch from college obligations to now an endless summer of doing what he loves. As Jeremy Zucker enters this next phase of his career, he brings a new love letter to life that fans will undoubtedly connect with."

"His new project summer, will extend that sentiment of reaching the emotions of the listener, rather than blanketed subject matter. 'For me the music is about the feeling and connecting with individuals than addressing a widespread topic,' he explains. Always from the heart, the songs take you on a journey that speak to the fans, yet still remain at the core of Jeremy Zucker’s identity. 'That’s what makes my music unique: I don’t listen to it thinking is this what people are gonna think is dope?' he says. 'It’s like no, it’s what I think is dope. That’s my compass.'

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Jeremy Zucker appears courtesy of Republic Records