#PXYSJ Spotlight: Bazzi

Bazzi, one of 2018's breakthrough artists, will be taking the stage at 98PXY Summer Jame on June 7th at Frontier Field. "Following incredible editorial support from Apple Music, the track hit #1 on their Pop Streaming chart and soon-after climbed to #1 on Shazam’s Global Top 100 and both Spotify’s US Viral 50 and Global Viral 50 charts. “Mine” marked Bazzi’s debut on the Billboard Hot 100 along with both Top 40 and Rhythmic radio, proving to be an unprecedented favorite. Ultimately, Bazzi is well on his way, and he’s inviting everyone along for the ride.

“I hope people listen to my music and leave with that good energy,” he leaves off. “The goal is for them to feel sexy and confident as they blare it with their windows down. It’s like a trip.”'

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