Poll: Savage or Sensible - Using Santa to get your kid to do what you want

Yesterday on the show we had a conversation about getting your kids to do chores. A lot of people believe there's an inherit "work ethic" gene, but others think our kids need motivation. A lot of people cited Santa Claus as being a great motivating factor to get your kids to do what you want. But this texter disagreed...

"If chores are part of daily education and expectations in a household there is no reason to try to trick children into doing them. Using things like Santa Claus to motivate leads to terrible work ethic. children learn by example, if they see parents doing chores without complaining they will follow suit."

To sum it up, this listener is basically calling parents who use Santa a bunch of savages. Do you agree? Vote below! 

83% (50 votes)
17% (10 votes)
Total votes: 60