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Poll: Savage or Sensible - Rescinding Someone's Boat Invite Because They're No Longer Single

We received this message on our Instagram @98PXYRochester from a girl named Brooke...

"How's this for a savage or sensible? Every weekend where it hasn't been raining my friends and I have been going to this mutual friend's place and going out on his boat. There's three of us and to start the summer we were all single. A couple of weeks ago I made my relationship with the guy I've been hanging out with Facebook official and ever since then I've stopped getting invites to go on this guy's boat. He invites my friends but tells them he's only got room for them. It's painfully obvious that it's because I'm in a relationship. Which is a little ridiculous considering this guy never had a chance with me anyway. I'm curious if other people think this is as savage as I do." 

What do you think? Vote below! 

62% (13 votes)
38% (8 votes)
Total votes: 21