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Poll: Savage or Sensible - Refusing to Go to a Wedding With Your Significant Other Because You've Only Been Together 3 Months

You can always reach out to us with your savage or sensible topics...we got a message over the weekend on our Instagram @98PXYRochester

"No pressure but the result of this savage or sensible may have a major impact on if I'm going to stay in a relationship with the guy I'm currently seeing. He's been great and things have been going really well, but over the weekend I asked him if he wanted to be my plus one for my friends wedding next month. I obviously expected him to say yes, but he told me no! His reasoning was that we haven't been together long enough to go to a wedding and that he wouldn't know anyone and would probably be bored. First off is this savage and secondly should I take this as a gigantic red flag? I know we haven't been together that long, but I think it would be a great way to meet a lot of my friends. Plus what's more romantic than going to a wedding!? Would love to know what you guys think!" 

What do you think? Vote below! 

58% (34 votes)
44% (26 votes)
Total votes: 59